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For the Love of Letters (F.L.O.L.) is a programmatic partnership of Youth Visions™ and the National League of American Pen Women™. It focuses on the art, technique, and conservation of reading, writing, speaking, and the studies thereof.

By providing the time, materials and the access to a wide range of professionals in the international community, we help young people create and develop a proficient understanding of what it means to Study Letters, so they may grow to love them.
ScubaBound™ is a Youth Visions™ leadership program that uses the discipline of diving to instill leadership skills in young people. The unique principle of our mission is that we are, first and foremost, a leadership training program. ScubaBound™ is an intense program that stresses discipline, hard work, and study, the bedrocks of sound judgment. In addition to enhanced leadership skills, students who complete the ScubaBound™ program will be familiar with the skills and information necessary to acquire a PADI Open Water scuba certification.

ScubaBound™ is for youths ages 10-18 (14-18 for open water scuba) who have medical clearance and swimming proficiency. Click here to learn more about ScubaBound™. To view the ScubaBound™ website please click the shark.
Control, is silence, flow and redirection. For two thousand years the balance between mind and body has been the primary goal of those who practice the Chinese art of Tai Chi. The slow graceful movements bring each practitioner to a point of stillness, quiet, and balance -- this is control. As complexity increases, with practice, students will learn to flow like water from one position to the next. As they grow stronger, more flexible, and more focused, students learn to appreciate the power of this ancient martial art. Discipline, hard work, reliability, and mental and physical flexibility are necessary attributes for good leaders.
Youth Visions™, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) international youth leadership NGO established to provide programs that build strong leaders for tomorrow. We give young people the opportunity and the means to travel abroad, to acquire valuable experience, and to establish relations academically, economically, artistically, and athletically, to promote a healthy lifestyle free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. All that we do is designed to develop and promote life and leadership skills for young people.

We use sports, arts and games as teaching tools to develop leadership and life skills. Many of our programs and trips are sports and arts-related, providing the perfect setting for youth to interact. Wholesome arts and sporting events do for youth abroad exactly what they do here: bring young people together on common ground, and stimulate conversations and alliances. And not just about art and sports - teenagers relish the chance to practice their language skills, compare fashions, exchange music, exchange e-mail addresses, and the like.
We leverage our opportunities to take advantage of the power of sport and games, like competitive chess, and debate.

One of the most potent teaching tools in human history is Art. Historically, art is a bedrock discipline.  In the arts we can find science, technological innovation, photography, culture, class, rhythm, religion, history, humanity and so much more. In art we find ourselves.

We travel, explore, teach, and compete, using the world as a classroom. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity. For example, an invitation to bring a chess team to a three-day tournament in Thailand, to us, is an opportunity to take ten young chess enthusiasts on a seven to ten day learning expedition to southeast Asia, asking questions and seeking answers. Where is Thailand? What language do they speak? What is the currency and exchange rate? What sustains the economy? What are some of its favorite and traditional foods? How do they taste? These are the kinds of questions we look at before we go. Notably, our youth are often surprised by what they find.